Life is Beautiful...!!!

Life is a beautiful gift that needs to be cared and loved everyday. Life is not a bed of roses for anyone and its definitely better this way. Imagine if you were always happy and contented how monotonous would it get....

DADU And DIDA---My Maternal Grandparents

A while back I introduced you to my paternal grandparents and today I want to share about my maternal grandparents. They are no longer here with me but the very little time I had with them is something I will treasure for ever. I love to sit back and think about all the wonderful times I had with them......those memories are so pleasant that no words can describe it...

IF ONLY........KAASH..!!!

According to me.....the most negative phrase in English language is "IF ONLY". All of us face hard times in life and most of us fight our way out of it but are we really able to move ahead? The chains of "IF ONLY"holds us tightly

DADU and THAMMA -- My Paternal Grandparents

It will definitely be a shock to my family that I am writing something about my paternal grand-parents, why ? coz I have never seen them. They left us just a year before I was born....can anything be worse than that?!


I wanted to let you know about the small town where I have passed the first few years of my life. Its a place called JOWAI,MEGHALAYA. I have stayed there only till the 1990 yet I still remember the roads from my school "St. Mary Mazzarello High School" to my house.


So far I have introduced you to my parents, but there is one more important person without whom my family is not complete....she is my princess. I am an elder sister to many but she is the only person who calls me 'DIDIBHAI' in this whole world. She is my sweet little gem , my sister 'ANNA'.


The words of Clarence Budington Kellenda has beautifully vocalized the feeling I have for my dad. He has actually never told me how to lead my life but his actions has taught me a lot. He is the personification of the word 'WORKAHOLIC'. He is totally dedicated to his work and even forgets about his well being.


For every child his mother is the one of the most important person of their life and I am not different either.But my blogging will be incomplete if I don't introduce the lady who showed me the world.


Welcome to my very first blog...!!!!. I am so excited ....that I am lost of words. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but wasn’t sure how to go about with it, where, when. And finally the auspicious day has arrived. While in office today I decided that I would give a start to it,so here I am.

Friday, July 22, 2011

IF ONLY........KAASH..!!!

“If we spend our time with regrets over yesterday, and worries over what might happen tomorrow, we have no today in which to live.”......UNKNOWN AUTHOR.

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According to me.....the most negative phrase in English language is "IF ONLY". All of us face hard times in life and most of us fight our way out of it but are we really able to move ahead? The chains of "IF ONLY"holds us tightly, won’t say it holds us back as after a struggle we all start leading a normal life or at least try to.....but now and then we do sit back and think---IF ONLY THIS HAD NOT HAPPENED!!!!!! I am not saying it’s easy for anyone to let go of the past......but we all try in every possible way to smile thinking about the positivity and learning from the negativity. We do shed a few drops of tears now and then when we think of something very painful.....whatever we do it’s our story and we have all the right; things get worse when another person jumps in and tries to scratch the past wounds till it starts bleeding again. This kind of behavior is want I consider.....'INHUMAN'

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People say don’t live in past, live in present and think about future.......but do they really allow a person to move on and think about present and future....... I don’t think so. I agree exceptions are always there but we always meet people who are so inquisitive. It’s not that if someone does not ask we forget about all that we have faced in life, it’s just that when another person talks about it over and over again, the pain never seems to heal and we are again chained up with "IF ONLY". We humans have a very peculiar habit; we see our past mistakes as experiences but that of others as failures and try to keep on reminding them about it; if we could only change this attitude.

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The clutches of "IF ONLY" are so tough that we all fail to break-free from them on our own, but having some wonderful people, both family and friends, around makes the journey easier. It’s not that we won’t meet people who try to push us to darkness but having some understanding people who are ever ready to relief us from these chains makes everything so much bearable.. Thank you GOD for blessing me with such wonderful and understanding people. After all its mistakes that make me feel human and it’s on me to work on them.

“Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience.” --  The Duke